Switch is an HVO

What’s that

HVOs are an employer’s best protection against ineffective health value.

HMOs were somewhat effective at moderating increased cost trends. An HVO’s reality-based design does it better.

The HVO (we coined the term) is the logical next step for self-insured employers who seek better beneficiary health, lower prices, and sky-high employee appreciation.

An HVO goes upstream to address problems at their source, whether it’s daily wellness challenges or sorting through misguided medical information.

Switch has created three resources to support the HVO strategy:

Switch DataBase™

The Switch DataBASE Extracts the commercially biased spin from the legitimate medical science.

Collaboration Scale

Our PARDS Collaboration Scale enhances success by customizing proven change management strategies to better fit each member’s unique situation.

The Best Next Step

Our methodology accelerates the learning processes necessary for a member to meet their health objectives.

Switch Beta Trial Guarantee

Better design leads to better value and therefore we guarantee:


Within 12 months, the medical costs of Beta trial participants’ will be reduced by more than double the cost of Switch.


Greater than 30% of members will reach the specific reversal targets in their designated conditions.


Greater than 25% of trial participants will be ecstatic with the program.

Enhanced employee engagement and productivity down the road is icing on the cake

This confidence is based on our:

Corporate Clarity

Our primary focus at Switch is crystal clear: we catalyze better health-related decisions to enhance our members' health and decrease their healthcare costs.

Our secondary focus is to maximize the cost-effectiveness of Switch.

Specialized Knowledge

We leverage our knowledge of managing healthcare with the Switch:

  • PARD Assessment algorithm
  • DataBase™
  • Best Next Step processes

Change Management

Our results-driven processes incorporate a member's:

  • Specific health diagnoses, risk factors, and energy for improved health
  • Current lifestyle choice and social environment
  • Problem-solving skills and habits
  • Mindset when responding to stress and emotional challenges

Be our beta

We’re seeking an enterprising, self-insured employer to collaborate with us on a Beta Trial with the goal to work out the kinks before rapidly scaling Switch.