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The United States has a healthcare value problem. Medical costs are over double that of the rest of the developed world and yet our health status ranks near the bottom among comparable nations. Although critically important, this is old news and the trends haven’t changed in decades.

This blog focuses on our strategy to finally change these entrenched trends.

In a presentation to hospital administrators twenty years ago, I stressed the importance of correctly identifying the root cause(s) of a problem before designing a strategy to fix it.

As an example, I described the situation with auto repair shops in the late 1970’s. They were delivering terrible service. Their customers were angry and everyone was feeling ripped off.

But the underlying problem wasn’t the repair shops. The real problem was the design of the automobiles. They were so poorly made that the cars were ready for the junk heap after just 50,000 miles. More focus on the repair shops was not going to solve the problem.

In my presentation I suggested an analogy between the automobile industry of the 70’s and healthcare in the 1990’s. As a result of our sedentary lifestyles, junk food habits, smoking, alcohol and drug abuse,  we had also become “clunkers” before our time.

Since then our bodies have suffered 20 more years of increasing abuse while the inflation-adjusted medical costs have continued to escalate.

After nearly three decades of addressing healthcare’s ineffectiveness, I’ve concluded that changing the strategy quo from within is not possible.  So we founded Switch with a vision to improve healthcare through a partnership with employers and their beneficiaries who seek better health.

As in the story of the auto repair shops, we focus on the key root causes of poor results.

Switch has four key initiatives that change the dynamics:

  1. Our DataBASE™ guides decisions with the “best available scientific evidence”,
  2. Our Champion Program empowers members to make lasting positive lifestyle changes,
  3. Our Clinician Outreach enhances collaboration between our members and their physicians, and
  4. Our Employer Program leverages opportunities within the work environment to improve health and lower costs.

These innovations create the synergy that drive transformational change.

We plan to collaborate with leaders that are excited about doing the right things rather than just complaining about the unsatisfactory healthcare status quo.

Part 2 of “What’s Our Solution” will highlight why integrity is such a key component of successful change efforts.

Breakthrough To Better,


The purpose of Switch Conversations is to invite business leaders in self-insured companies
to join us in dramatically reducing the cost and improving the effectiveness of healthcare.


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